1. heros-of-the-bluebox:






    why dont these words rhyme

    but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do

  2. jakemalik:




    how the fuck…..

    this is some next level shit wow


  3. Kat Leblanc 
in the kitchen

    Kat Leblanc

    in the kitchen

  4. Jaime Jacqueline Koeppe

    Jaime Jacqueline Koeppe

  5. "We hear it said with tiresome iteration that ours is a materialistic age, the main concern of which should be the wider distribution of material goods and worldly opportunities. The justified outcry of those who through no fault of their own are deprived of opportunity and a fair share of worldly goods therefore diverts an increasing number of students from the studies which their fathers pursued to the equally important and no less urgent study of social, economic, and governmental problems. I have no quarrel with this tendency. The world in which we live is the only world about which our senses can testify. Unless it is made a better world, a fairer world, millions will continue to go to their graves silent, saddened, and embittered. I have myself spent many years pleading that our schools should become more acutely aware of the world in which their pupils and students are destined to pass their lives. Now I sometimes wonder whether that current has not become too strong and whether there would be sufficient opportunity for a full life if the world were emptied of some of the useless things that give it spiritual significance; in other words, whether our conception of what .is useful may not have become too narrow to be adequate to the roaming and capricious possibilities of the human spirit."
  6. Haiiro Nr.20 - 80 x 100 cm - Acrylic on canvas
by SIT Haiiro

    Haiiro Nr.20 - 80 x 100 cm - Acrylic on canvas

    by SIT Haiiro

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